Protest Against Soring Planned at Big Lick Celebration


Protesters are gathering in Shelbyville, TN today to protest the Tennessee Walking Horse (TWH) Celebration.  For 77 years the celebration has been held in Shelbyville, millions of people have attended, thousands of horses have been shown, but not without a dark cloud covering the event.

For years, allegations of abuse have been leveled at TWH owners, trainers and exhibitors.  Soring, the unethical and illegal practice of deliberately inflicting pain to exaggerate the leg motion of gaited horses, is common among all top TWH trainers protestors allege, and recent news stories seem to back up their claims.Gen's Ice Glimmer

Horse Plus Humane Society recently rescued a registered TWH horse named Gen’s Ice Glimmer from an auction with a long show history, but with signs of abuse.  Glimmer was still wearing his 5″ stacked shoes, with extensive scarring to the front and back of his legs.  Clint Seay, who helped rescue Glimmer, told WMSV “This is all damage. This is permanent damage.  This isn’t the exception. This is the rule. This is what they do.”  WMSV covered the story.

ThorSport FarmsTo further back up the claims of rampant abuse, the Humane Society of the United States recently released the findings of an extensive undercover investigation at ThorSport Farms.  In the undercover video, trainers can be seen applying what the Humane Society alleges are caustic chemicals to the horses feet, a charge that ThorSport Farm’s owner, Duke Thorson, vigorously denies.

Despite repeated calls to show how a horse can achieve the winning Big Lick gait without soring, no TWH horse trainer has stepped forward to document the process, leaving many to wonder if every horse competing has been sored.


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