Rescue Blamed for Abuser’s Arrest

In New York, Peaceful Acres Horses (Facebook) has been receiving online threats, harassment, abuse, and it has now turned to physical attacks including tires being slashed and horse pens being opened during the night, for something they claim they never did.  It all started with the March 17th arrest of Joshua Rockwood for 13 counts of animal abuse.  Authorities arrested him after serving a search warrant in February, which turned up evidence of animals not being given proper food, water and shelter.  Some of the animals on his property had no food, their water was frozen, and some pigs were suffering from frostbite on their ears.

A second search warrant was served on March 15, when 3 horses were seized and taken to Peaceful Acres Horses, a 501(c)(3) horse rescue.  One of the horses seized, a pony, desperately needed hoof care, and the other two horses were allegedly malnourished and dehydrated.  Rockwood’s supporters began an online harassment of Peaceful Acres Horses, claiming that the organization told authorities to seize the animals, which both Peaceful Acres Horses and Glenville Police deny.  “We reached out to Peaceful Acres. They did not reach out to us,” Lt. Steve Janik said, adding that Beyerl “had nothing to do with the case, and if people are blaming her, they’re completely wrong.”

A Facebook community has organized in an attempt to discredit Peaceful Acres Horses, and it may be the inspiration for the physical vandalism as well.

Original Story: Times Union

Original Arrest Story and Picture: News10

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