Rescue to Wedding

 Miller, a 15.2 hand cob, almost died of starvation and dehydration 3 years ago.  He was left abandoned in a field, mere days from dying, when the RSPCA rescued him.  He had only brambles to eat, and was suffering from anemia and struggled to stand he was so weak. He was taken to the Gonsal Farm Equine Welfare and Rehabilitation Centre for treatment and rehabilitation.  Attending veterinarians were afraid he would only live a few days.

Sally White, a worker at the RSPCA rehab center, Wedding Horsefell in love with Miller at first sight.  Once he was healthy enough, White adopted Miller and continued his rehabilitation.  “He is beautiful and a lovely boy. My horse was retiring so I needed another to ride, and Miller is amazing. I got him to a healthy weight and ‘backed him’ and now he competes in dressage” White released in a statement.

White and Miller are such a team, that White knew Miller would have to be part of the biggest day of her life: her wedding.  “Horses are a big part of my life and I just wanted him involved.  Unfortunately it rained on the day, so on a different day I had an equine photographer take some photos of me and Miller. He was such a good boy.”

White hopes that by telling Miller’s story, more horses will be adopted from shelters around the world.  She knows first hand that adopting a rescued horse is a winning combination.


Wedding Horse

Original Story and Pictures: Daily Mail and RSPCA

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