Rodeo Horse Abused and Killed

A rodeo horse in California has been euthanized following injuries it sustained at the California Mid State Fair last weekend. The horse, owned by Flying U Rodeo, injured his leg, but was forced to compete anyway. The horse was a contestant in the Wild Horse race, where contestants try to saddle and ride a wild horse across the finish line first. Other competitors in the arena were in shock that the horse was competing “I sat in shock and paralyzed with anger as the team saddled and rode him to the finish,” a rodeo competitor who wished to remain anonymous said.  Spectators were also horrified by the rough handling and riding of an injured horse.

Once the horse crossed the finish line rodeo officials ushered it out of the arena where it was seen by a veterinarian and taken off sight for further evaluation. Flying U Rodeo determined it was cost prohibitive to attempt to rehab the horse, and had it euthanized.

Flying U Rodeo defends the rodeo and the Wild Horse Race. “The contestants, unaware of the injury to the animal, proceeded in the competition as though there was no injury. One of the three rodeo safety men in the arena that are charged with protecting both the animals and the cowboys, informed the contestants of the horse’s injury, stopped the competition relative to the team with the injured horse, and quickly ushered the horse out of the arena,” Flying U Rodeo Company said in a statement.

Video of the event shows the horse being ridden despite a rough fall right out of the gate and limping on its leg.

Original Story: KSBY

Video: Christina Robertson

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