RSPCA Charges Stabling Fees for Shot Horses

Horse Shot by RSPCA

The RSCPA in England has come under fire recently when it was determined that they charged boarding fees to owner’s who’s horses were already dead.

When the RSPCA raided a farm, they found 6 horse skeletons and horses in poor condition, and seized a total of 14 horses.  The examining vet determined them to be bright, alert and responsive, and in no way indicated that euthanasia was appropriate.  The first horse to be shot by Mr Wilson, a licensed slaughterman, was a bay mare who broke her leg being transported to a temporary home by the RSPCA.  A total of 11 more horses were shot by Mr Wilson over the next 30 days at the direction of the RPSCA, and only 2 of the 14 horses rescued were offered to the public for adoption, and were rehomed.

In court proceedings, the RSPCA claimed £10,000 in false stabling charges, including costs for wormers that were supposedly given to horses months after they were shot.  The RSPCA withdrew the charges after it was proven that they horses were long dead.  The RSPCA is claiming a clerical error in the erroneous charges.

Original Story and Picture: Daily Mail

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