Savage Beating – Surprising Twist

Savage Beating

A Youtube video uploaded clearly showed a man savagely beating a horse in its stall.  Police investigated the incident and immediately arrested Elton Saliba on suspicion of animal abuse.  Through the investigation, a surprising twist came about: the man was saving a young child’s life, and the video was uploaded as a form of revenge by his ex-girlfriend.  Rennie Zammit, the child’s father, was talking to Saliba when the child ran into the horse pen.  Saliba grabbed a whip and held the horse off the child as it tried to attack her.  He was able to keep the horse on the other side of the pen until the child was rescued.

Saliba’s girlfriend, a citizen of the Ukraine, was angry at Saliba because he wouldn’t marry her, and uploaded the shortened video in an attempt at revenge.  Police have cleared Saliba of all wrong doing and dropped all criminal charges.  Saliba has since been deported to the Ukraine as her visa would not allow her to remain in the country unless she was married to a citizen.

Original Story and Video: Mirror

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