Severe Punishment Coming for Donkey Abuser

Abused Donkey

A man has been arrested for tying a donkey to a car and dragging it along a hot asphalt road in Saudi Arabia.  The donkey’s owner called authorities to report that his donkey had been severely abused.  Saudi authorities identified the man responsible and are holding him pending the completion of the investigation.  Sadly, the donkey was too injured to survive his horrific abuse.

Social media erupted with Saudi national’s calling for an “eye for an eye” treatment.  Ahmad said that he was certain the suspect would be made to suffer “much more than the poor animal had to ensure” and an individual named Al Abdallah said “The punishment should be truly severely, so that those tempted to torture any animal should know what awaits them.  Anyone who feels no compassion with animals has no sentiments or emotions, and those who torture animals should be severely reprimanded and punished.”

Original Story and Picture: Emirates247 and Albawaba

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