Sikh Groom Falls Off Horse

A video showing a Sikh groom falling off of an out of control horse has gone viral, much to the unpleasant surprise of the wedding horse rental company.  In the video, once the groom mounts the horse, she becomes quite nervous and starts spinning around the handler,  Zsa Zsa Stiasny of Equutrails.  Stiasny attempts to calm the horse down, and apparently succeeds, before handing control of the horse to the groom.  The horse immediately bolts and mere seconds later the groom falls off and lands in the grass.  Stiansy is unhappy with all the publicity the video has given her company.  “I’m totally shocked that this even went viral.”

Stiasny told reporters that Misty has performed at several Indian weddings with no problems.  “When the groom was mounting up I had asked him to remove his sword and shoes before mounting, which I don’t believe he did. And the shoe was sticking inside the horse’s side,” she said.  “Either his shoe or his sword was sticking into her. Unfortunately I’m on the opposite side so I can’t see what he’s doing so I can’t fix it.”

Other trainers and wedding horse rental owners are not so sure it was the grooms fault.  “I was mortified,” said Jennifer Girard of Barat Wedding Horses.  “It didn’t have to happen, it was preventable.”

Original Story: CBC News

Original Video: Youtube

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