Tail Lights to Save Lives

tail lights

“Be Visible. Save Your Tail” is the slogan of the company that is aiming to change the way people see horses.  Accidents involving horse riders and automobiles almost always result in the death of the horse and serious injuries to the rider.  Tail Lights hopes to put a stop to most of those accidents.

The Tail Light system uses 2 sets of lights, a diffused front light for the breast collar or for the rider to wear, and the tail light, which wraps around the base of the tail and cascades through the tail with 128 LED’s that provide visibility for over 1/4 of a mile.  The lights can be set to a variety of colors and brightness levels through 1 remote.

Sami Gross, the founder of Tail Lights, was struck by a car while riding her horse, and at that moment she decided there has to be a way to increase visibility of horses.

Tail Light Kickstarter is less than $2,000 from their goal to start manufacturing.

Original Story and Video: Tail Lights and Kickstarter

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