Teen Saves Abused and Starving Horse


In central Illinois, 2010, teenager Kelsey Allonge, and her mother were driving to a swap-meet at 5:30 am when they found a startling sight: a horse standing in a ditch alongside the road.  The horse appeared to be abused, and was very skinny, and they guessed it had broken out of it’s home to find some food.  They knew they wouldn’t make the swap meet on time, but that didn’t deter them from going home, getting their trailer, and returning to pick up Kelsy Allonge and Sunnythe horse.  The horse, who Kelsey named Sunny, was too weak to get into the trailer, and repeatedly fell into the ditch.  After giving Sunny a few minutes to recover her strength and stand back up, Kelsey decided to walk Sunny home.  The 9 mile trip took 4 hours, but Kelsey never gave up on Sunny.

Sunny was found to be a 6 month old mare, who was covered with whip marks, one eye was swollen shut, her back knees were swollen and rubbed raw.  That night, Kelsey slept in Sunny’s stall.  “If she was going to die, she wasn’t going to die alone,” Kelly told her mom.  In the morning, Sunny was still alive, but still far from danger.  The next 4 nights Kelsey spent in the barn, giving Sunny all the love she could.

“Sunny sees me as food, but she sees Kelsey as love,” Kelsey’s mom told reporters.

Sunny is healthy and happy today and is trained to ride as an eventing horse.  The bond between Kelsey and Sunny is stronger than ever, and if she’s sure her other horses won’t hear, Kelsey has no problem admitting that Sunny is her favorite.

Original Story and Video: ReshareWorthy

Kelsy Allonge and Sunny

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