Thoroughbreds Test Positive for Meth – Owner Punished

In Lexington, Kentucky, a very well known Thoroughbred trainer has been banned for 1 year and faces an additional 2 month suspension after a needle was found in his stables.  His horse, Bourbon Warfare, tested positive with 57 picograms of methamphetamine, leading to the suspension.  LSU veterinary medicine professor Dr. Steven Barker puts it into perspective: that amount couldn’t even get a flea high, and could in no way effect the performance of the horse.  A picogram is 1-trillionth of a gram, and you can easily absorb that amount into your body just from being in the proximity of a drug addict.  Many believe that the suspension is unjust and are calling for reform to the drug testing and punishment protocol.

Original Story and Picture: Death and Taxes

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