TN Trainers Photos Prompt Investigation

Standing on Horse

Standing on HorseFacebook photos of a couple attempting to train a horse have prompted an animal cruelty investigation in Sevier County, TN.   Knoxville Animal Control Officer Phil King told reporters that his office received copies of the photos and have contacted that local Agriculture Extension Agent.  The Ag Extension Agent is responsible for investigating cruelty involving livestock, including horses.

The photos show what appears to be a young horse restrained on the ground with a tarp completely covering his body.  One of the photos shows the woman standing with both feet on the horse as it is laying on the ground.   Nina Margetson, founder of Horse Haven in Tennessee, says these training methods are wrong.  “If this is a ‘training’ method then they are using fear to accomplish it. Not a good way to instill trust in a horse. Instilling fear in any animal is not correct handling and should never be a form of training or teaching.”

Original Story and Photos: WVLT

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