Top TB Trainer Fined

Steve Asmussen

A top Thoroughbred trainer, Steve Asmussen, was fined $10,000 by the New York State Racing Commission.  Asmussen was accused of administering unneeded drugs to his horses that affected their performance.  The investigation by the Commission proved that he injected horses with thyroxine.  Thyroxine is used to treat thyroid issues, but also raises the metabolism of horses, which Asmussen was counting on to make them run faster.  The Commission has not ruled out additional penalties based upon further investigations.

The New York State Racing Commission is proposing new rules for trainers and owners to help counteract the flood of drugs given to raise horses.  Under the proposed rules, drugs would only be administered for medical reasons, and the stables would have to keep logs of all drugs given to race horses.

Original Story and Picture: NY Times

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