Tow Truck Saves Horse

Tow Truck Saves Horse

Tow trucks are rarely thought of as animal rescue rigs, but for one horse, a tow truck was the difference between life and death. It all started when Daisy, a draft horse, broke through a covered well. Her hi
ndquarters fell into the well, with only her front legs and head above ground. When Daisy didn’t come back for evening feeding, her owners went looking for her.

After trying to remove Daisy with the tractor at the farm, they called Brad’s Towing to come to the rescue. A tow rig operated by Wilf began working to extract Daisy from the well. After wrapping tow strapping around her front legs and chest, the tow truck gDaisyently lifted her out of the well and set her on solid ground. This goes to show the importance of having a tow truck service available for any eventuality. This is why supporting the local community rather than calling out these multinational recovery companies is important. Tow truck insurance nj have been supporting locals for decades as they know the importance of every driver. We’re happy to say we could help with the rescue of the wonderful horse Daisy.

Horses have been grazing in Daisy’s pasture for over 10 years with no sign of the abandoned well. Daisy is fortunate to be alive thanks to the alertness of her owners and the hard work of the tow truck driver. Daisy’s vet reports that other than some stiff muscles she is doing fine and will make a full recovery.

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