Trainer Hog Tying and Whipping Horse – Update

In an update to a story we covered on June 8 of Jeromy Mixon holding a whip high, standing on top of his horse, who is laying on the ground with his feet tied, the McCurtain County, OK District Attorney has reached a decision in regard to whether or not to prosecute Jeromy Mixon.  The Sheriff Department made an investigation and turned the evidence over to the District Attorney, who has declined to press criminal charges against Mixon.

The social media outrage continues as many professional horse trainers consider what Mixon is seen doing in the picture to be deliberate, purposeful horse abuse.  “Where the owner has the strap, the horse’s natural reaction is to kick out.The combination of using the strap on a very dehydrated horse whose neck is wet from sweat, then hogtying him, and add to that standing on him so he can’t breathe all done at one time, is indeed cruelty” one trainer, who wished to remain anonymous, told media.  Others believe Mixon’s actions are a time honored traditional method of breaking a horse when other methods do now work.

Update Story and Picture: Examiner

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