TX Horse Dies From EPM

Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM) has claimed the life of a young Paint in TX.  EPM, otherwise known as Opossum disease, is caused by a parasite carried by Opossums, that is transmitted when a horse drinks water or eat food contaminated with Possum feces.

In Palestine, TX, a lady named Jessica Crisp first saw the Paint laying down one her way home from work, but believed he was merely sunning himself.  The next day, he hadn’t moved, so Crisp went to investigate.  She knocked on neighbors doors and then called the Sheriff.  The Sheriff department searched for the owner, and discovered they were out of town.  A veterinarian was sent to the location, who diagnosed the Paint with EPM.  Efforts to save the young Paint failed and the vet recommended euthanasia to relieve his suffering.  Sheriff Deputies and neighbors were talking to and soothing the horse as he was put to sleep.

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