Veteran Fights to Keep Horses

Dave Gordy

Dave Gordy, a veteran with multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, is fighting another battle closer to home: the right to keep his horses.  Gordy and his wife purchased 30 acres outside of Ottumwa, Iowa, so they have horses.  Gordy finds horses to be calming, and help him deal with his traumatic brain injury, multiple concussions and PTSD received in combat.

Unbeknownst to Gordy, the property he purchased had been rezoned residential, and his neighbors are at war to force Gordy to remove all horses from his property.  This month, Gordy lost the fight to rezone the property with the county, and expects any day to receive a 30 day notice to remove all horses from his property.

Original Story and Picture: Desmoine Register

Author: Dale Williams <-- Become my friend on Facebook! - Phone: 724-964-6773


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