Wild Pigs Attack Couple on Horse Ride

Wild Pig

Max and Angela were enjoying a pleasant trail ride at the Lake Sonoma Recreation Area when trouble attacked from the underbrush.  A number of wild pigs rushed towards the couple and attacked their horses.  The pigs went after Max’s horse first, and as his horse was fighting back, Max fell from his horse and was knocked unconscious.  Angela dismounted to try and help her husband, at which point the pigs attacked her horse.  The horses spooked and ran, with the pigs in hot pursuit.  Angela had to hike and run over two miles to retrieve the frightened horses.  She quickly headed back to find Max, worried about what she might find when she returned.  She found Max concious, but in a lot of pain.  Angela and Max headed to the hospital, where Max was quickly checked into the ICU with a broken coller bone, 7 broken ribs and a concussion from the fall.

Correction: Max and Angela have contacted us, and told us the pigs never physically attacked the horses, but were simply snarling and acting like they were going to attack.  They have also since edited their original story on Facebook.  We have removed their last name in response to their request.

Dale Williams

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