Woman Possibly Charged With Theft After Saving Foal’s Life


Trooper in DesertAn Arizona women, Shelly Sargeant, is facing criminal trespassing and theft charges after removing a 3 month old horse from some rural property. It all started when she saw a group of healthy horses being dropped off at the rural property. Over time, one by one, the horses died until there was only one youngster still alive, surviving on very little. The Department of Agriculture investigated, but determined there was “food and water” and refused to take action. The 6+ horse carcass’ laying on the desert told a different story.

Sargeant determined that in order to save the young horses life she would have to take matters into her own hands.  Some helpers and Sargeant tracked the youngster through the desert, and when they found him, he simply collapsed, too weak to resist their rescue efforts.  They picked him up and loaded him into a horse trailer, rushing him to Adobe Veterinarian Center.  He was found to have low blood glucose, dehydration, malnutrition and anemia.  It required bags of sugar through IV to get enough strength to stand.  “He was in bad shape; he would have not made it had we not gotten him emergency medical attention,” Sargeant told reporters.

Allegedly, the owner of the horses that died, and the one surviving foal, ships horses to Mexico for slaughter.  The young ones he cannot get paperwork on to ship are just sent to the desert to die.  Sargeant says she is willing to face criminal charges, she knows she saved his life.

Original Story: KPHO

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