Woman Who Stole 5 Horses Freed Early

Jaci Jackson

An 18 year old woman, Jaci Jackson, was arrested and convicted, along with numerous other defendants including her mother, of stealing Credit Card and 4 other horses from the South Arkansas University along with a stock trailer and tack.  The investigation revealed that it was a premeditated crime.  Jackson was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but was released early after serving only 2 and has been sent home to Oklahoma to serve her parole.

4 of the horses were found malnourished and tied to trees on next to Jackson’s mother’s property.  The remains of Credit Card were found, he had been shot and his throat was slashed.   The trailer was also recovered at Jackson’s relative’s property.  Jackson has paid the $7,700 in restitution ordered by the court.

Original Story: KSLA

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