Wounded Army Vet Reunited With Horse

Army Vet and Horse

An Army paratrooper, David Carpenter, was wounded by 3 IED’s while serving in Afghanistan in 2013.  Over time doctors were forced to remove both of his legs, leaving him a double amputee, and making him make one of the hardest decisions of his life.  “I was in my wheelchair so much and I didn’t want him (Valentino) to sit. And I just didn’t think I’d be able to ride again and I kind of lost hope in being able to do that,” he said.

His feelings of loss only grew with time, and a year later, Carpenter knew he had made the wrong decision in selling Valentino.  He was able to purchase Valentino back, and was apprehensive as he went to meet him again.  His feelings of apprehension and fear quickly disappeared.  “When I went to pick him up, he recognized me right away. He knew my voice. He came over to the fence. He knows I’m not like a normal person and he treats me differently than anyone else. He’s never going anywhere without me ever again,” Carpenter told reporters.

For this wounded Paratrooper veteran, his horse is his ride to freedom.

Original Story and Video: KSAT

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