11 Killed in Barn Fire

Barn Fire

11 horses lost their lives in a horrific barn fire in Kentucky.  Donnie Oppenheimer, owner of Mose Oppenheimer Stables, was shoeing a horse when he heard what sounded like rain.  He looked up to see the roof collapsing.  He pulled the horse he was shoeing from the barn and went back in to get another horse to safety.  Oppenheimer’s son ran into the burning barn and was able to rescue another horse, but the smoke and fire kept them from saving any others.  “I was a volunteer fireman. I knew what I was dealing with and that I had a short time . . . In five minutes it was over with,” he said.  Among the dead horses was Oppenheimer’s childhood mount, Buttercup.

The source of the fire in unknown but faulty electrical is the suspect.  The 33-year-old wood and steel barn burnt extremely quickly.  Oppenheimer says that he plans to rebuild and continue his boarding stable business that has been operating since 1956.

Original Story and Photo: Daily Independent


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