12 Year Old Barrel Racer Killed at Rodeo

Kalee Chandler

Adrian, Missouri – 12-year-old Kalee Chandler was having a great ride Saturday night at a rodeo.  Kalee, a very experienced rider, was competing in a the rodeo barrel racing event.  After the finish line, Kalee’s horse simply kept accelerating.  Kalee desperately tried to rein her horse to a stop right until it smashed into the gates, pinning Kalee under the horse.

It took quite some time to pull the horse off of Kalee.  “We tried to get her out from underneath the horse,” family friend Toni Samples said. “Then they finally got her out from underneath him, the saddle off, and they pulled her out and she was pretty lifeless.”  The horse never moved according to witness’, and its fate is unknown.

Paramedics gave Kalee CPR and she was taken to Children’s Mercy Hospital in critical condition.  She later died from her injuries.

Original Story and Video: Fox8

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