12 Year Old Girl Killed by Horse

Kimberly Roach

Amherst, South Carolina – A 12 year old girl, Kimberley Roach, was injured and killed from an accident in a horse pasture.  Kimberly was visiting the horse farm on spring break.  In the weeks leading up to the spring break vacation, Kimberly couldn’t help but talk all about her upcoming trip.  Kimberly and her family visited the farm to pick up a horse to take home.

According to the investigation, Kimberly was leading the horse when something spooked the horse, which struck Kimberly.  When she was found in the pasture a short time later she was seriously injured and was pronounced dead at the hospital.  She died from blunt force trauma.  The coroner reported that the nature of her injuries indicated she was not riding the horse when she was injured.

Friend Logan Dickson told reporters “She died doing what she loved most and the happiest she could ever be.  I was blessed to know such a wonderful kid.”  Kimberly loved animals of all kinds and often volunteered at her local animal shelter.  She hoped one day to become a veterinarian.  She leaves behind her two parents and 4 siblings.

Original Story and Photo: Chronicle-Telegram



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