15 Month Old Ridden, Advertised as Riding Horse

15 Month Old Being Ridden

Jalen Smalley and MKLebanon, KY – Jalen Smalley might think of himself as a big man, but no real man would ever force a 15 month old baby horse to take him on long trail rides.  Smalley’s mare gave birth to beautiful little colt, MK, on Christmas 2014.  Smalley was proud of the little guy and posted a steady stream of updates on his Facebook page as the youngster grew.  At only 14 months old Smalley started training MK to ride and posted a picture of MK with a saddle on his back.  On March 15 Smalley posted a picture while riding MK and bragged on social media “Am i good r naw lol 1st time on him.”  Smalley was either ignorant of the damage he was inflicting on little MK, or didn’t care.

Smalley continued the social media posts with pictures and video of MK being ridden in many different places, including trail rides through rivers, pastures and forests.  At no point did he seemed concerned the little colt may be too young to have a 200 lb man riding on his back.

April 14th, while still only 15 months old, Smalley called it quits with MK and posted him for sale on the private group with over 21,000 members: Gaited horses, mules, tack, and other misc. items for sale.  He posted the following advertisement along with a video of MK being ridden.

Original Post by Jalen Smalley
Lebanon KY
stud colt
rackin horse
16 months the 25th of this month his a very good colt comes to u with no problems will let u get on and off him goes anywhere I ask him to and as u can see his already a looker

MK's First Saddle Training

When true horse people started complaining about the age and riding on the group, the admins immediately deleted and threatened to ban anyone who complained.  Their attitude was one of complete disregard for the health or well being of the horse, and one of protecting the abuser.  Cindy McEuln, one of the 3 administrators for the group, posted the following message threatening anyone who commented on the abuse of the youngster.

Original Post by Cindy McEuln

Members, ALL Admns have a life outside of monitoring this site.  My Husband had life saving surgery yesterday, Karen is battling cancer and Stephanie is battling Fires.  How ridiculous and against the rules for people to use foul language and impose their opinions in such a nasty manner.  No one has right to tell someone else what to do with their horse.  If you don’t like the post, the rules are to keep scrolling, not go into a tirade of your beliefs on training.  All persons involved be forewarned that your comments have been copied and Admns will remove any Member for further rude comments….. Admn

While the appropriate age to start a horse is always a good discussion starter among horse people, veterinarians and horse people know that 15 months old is far to young to begin putting heavy weight and riding on a horse.  The skeletal structure of the horse simply is not matured enough to support the added weight of a human.  All “For Sale” groups should have a strict “No Abuse” rule to their group, not promote abusive training and threaten those who attempt to educate the abusers.

More photos of Jalen Smalley and MK

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