25 Year Old Horse Rescued From Icy Pond

Rescued Horse

Update: Sadly Gracie the horse deteriorated in health and passed away despite the best efforts of her caretakers and attending veterinarian merely 1 day after being rescued.

In Pierce County, Washington, firefighters struggled through freezing temperatures and blowing snow to rescue Gracie, a 25 year old mare, from an icy pond.  Once out of the water, her internal temperature was only 90 degrees, far below horses normal 99-101.  Firefighters used blankets, heat packs and a propane heater to start warming Gracie.

Once standing, Gracie was taken to a neighbors heated barn to spend the night, but her future is unknown.  “The vet recommends we do blood work in a week to make sure not internal injuries to her kidneys happened,” Gracie’s owner, Julie Taylor, told reporters.  Taylor went on to say “She’s up, which is huge.”

Gracie was rescued from the Enumclaw auction 6 months ago, and has been Taylor’s primary lesson horse ever since.

Original Story and Pictures: King 5

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