30,000 lbs of Feed Donated to Help Rescued Horses

Peaceable Farm

The  Southern States Cooperative in Charlottesville has distributed over 30,000 lbs of donated feed to help with the horses rescued from the Peaceable Farm.  As originally reported in October, over 80 horses were rescued from Peaceable Farm, a 501(c)(3) animal welfare organization, with 5 of the horses requiring immediate humane euthanasia to relieve their intense suffering.  This was the largest horse seizure in the area’s history.

Rachel Miller, Equine Specialist with the Southern States Cooperative, saw the need and immediately began working on a solution to the burden that so many rescued horses would put on local resources and foster homes.  Miller put a plea for donations to help with the rescue on the Coop’s Facebook page, expecting it to only reach their horse customers.  Instead, the post was shared and seen by over 10,000 people within 3 days, and the donations started pouring in.  Chris Carter, SSC spokesperson, said “Every horse had a donation of either feed, hay, forage, and/or alfalfa pellets within 24 hours of the horses getting to their new foster homes.”  So far, over 30,000 lbs of feed with a value of over $11,5000 has been donated to help the Peaceable Farm horses in 8 different foster homes.


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