3rd Jumper Dies in 3 Months

Philippa Humphreys

Allentown, NJ – Philippa Humphreys, a very high level cross country jumper, fell from her horse at fence 16 during the cross-country time trial at the prestigious Jersey Fresh International Three-Day Event.  Humphreys, a British citizen living in Michigan, had been riding horses since she was just 2 years old and was considered one of the best.  Her horse appeared to catch its front legs on the table jump, rotating the horse and sending Humphreys off and to the right.  Medical staff rushed to her aid, but her injuries were too severe, and she could not be resuscitated.  Philippa leaves behind a 6 month old baby and husband.

Mrs Humphreys is the 3rd jumper to die within 3 months.  Olivia Inglis passed away in March and Caitlyn Fischer died in April.


Philippa Humphreys

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