40 Horses Seized from New Beginnings Horse Rescue

New Beginnings Seizure

Aylett, Virginia – 40 horses were seized from the New Beginnings Horse Rescue, a private horse rescue organization, on Wednesday.   11 of the horses seized from New Beginnings Horse Rescue were seized from Peaceable Farm in October of 2015.  Cassy Newell-Reed, owner of New Beginnings Horse Rescue, was charged with 3 counts of animal cruelty, a misdemeanor.  The horses at New Beginnings Horse Rescue were deprived of adequate food and water on a regular basis, and the sheriff received multiple reports over a period of time.

As is often the case with small rescues, they expect a boon of financial donations when they rescue large number of horses, but when the donations run out, they do not have the resources to continue caring for the animals.  New Beginnings mission statement is “We provide rescue horses that have been abused and neglected with a new beginning by rehabilitating, retraining them and then rehoming them.”

The Orange County Sheriff released a press statement that said in part:

   Unfortunately animal rescue organizations in the Commonwealth of Virginia do not have state oversight. They are not inspected or regulated.  During the Orange County seizure in October of 2015, our Animal Control Office faced a crisis situation involving more than one hundred horses, and we were led to believe New Beginnings was a legitimate rescue organization.

We understand, and share, the deep concern and frustration of all those who are outraged at the suffering these horses have endured. The fact that the situation in King William County is strikingly similar to what occurred in Orange County last October underscores the reality that the lack of oversight, inspection and regulation of animal rescue facilities in Virginia limits the ability of local government to prevent, manage or budget for these situations.

New Beginnings Seizure


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