50 Lbs of Sand Kills Horse

Sand Colic

“It’s like digging at the beach,” Dr Thompson told the camera as he did a necropsy on a 14 year old Quarterhorse gelding.  The horse was brought into the hospital due to colic like symptoms, and when Dr Thompson did a rectal exam, he pulled out a ball of sand the size of a football.  The owners elected, rightfully so, to have the horse humanely euthanized.  The doctor estimated the total weight of the sand as approximately 50 lbs.

In the video the doctor explains how to prevent sand colic and some steps needed.  He explained that psyllium with mineral oil is the best way to remove sand when it is not impacted.  He also explained how once a horse is impacted as the horse in the video was with sand, even emergency surgery is usually unsuccesful.


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