$6,500 Reward for Missing Horse

Chicky and Paula

Princeton, KY – During a yearly visit, Paula Zarra excitedly waited for the ranch hand to bring her old horse out for a visit.   Ms Zarra had sold Chickory’s Lil Nipp, aka Chicky, with a first right of refusal and yearly visitation rights.  Her heart sank when the horse brought out was not Chicky, but another horse that looked similar.  The ranch believes Chicky was mixed up with another mare and sent to either northern Texas or southern Oklahoma.

Ms Zarra has been searching desperately for Chicky ever since that heartbreaking day, and is offering a $6,500 reward for her safe return.

Chicky is a 16 year old QH mare with a calm temperament.  She has white marking inside of right ear, small white marking underbelly, and lump on left side of neck size of a large grape which she was born with.

More Information: Net Posse and Finding Chicky Facebook


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