900 Horses Without Water in Mississippi

All American Youth Barrel Race

Jackson, Mississippi – An errant truck caused massive problems at the fairgrounds where 900 horses were suddenly without water.  Witness’ told reporters that a box truck with 30,000 lbs of cargo fell into a hole in the ground, breaking a water main line.  The 900 horses, along with nearly 800 kids, were at the Jackson Fairgrounds to compete in the All American Youth Barrel Race.

The fire department used their trucks to bring water to fairgrounds.  Once a truck would show up, people would mob it with their buckets to get water for their horses.  Owners of horses, from all over the country, are strongly considering heading home for their horses safety.  “We got some horses that when they run it’s very important they cool off in the heat,” Barrel Racing promoter Ralph Feathers told reporters. “If not, they’ll colic and get sick and possibly die. It’s very urgent we get water to them.”

Broken Water Main

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