Amish Beats Horse to Ground

Amish and down horse.
Amish and down horse.

Ephrata, Pennsylvania – Tawn Crowther was horrified when she saw an Amish man beating a horse that was unable to pull a cart loaded with watermelon.  Her horror turned to outraged when the horse collapsed, and the beating intensified. “Today my friend Mimi and I watched as an Amish criminal beat a horse to the point it collapsed. The horse was unable to pull a wagon full of watermelon and 2 grown men. So the Amish man walked beside the horse and beat it until it fell to the [sic]grown. At that point he continued to kick, hit and pull on the poor seemingly dying animal. I pulled over and called the police. ”

Other witnesses described the Amish man hitting the down horse in the face with whips, kicking it in the abdomen, and using the reigns to pull its head off the ground and drop it.  Video was taken of the latter end of the event which did not show blatant abuse, but did show the horse passed out on the ground with its tongue hanging limply while the Amish man attempts to get it up.

Police investigated at the scene for 3 hours, and the fire department used 1,000 gallons of water to try and cool the horse.  The unidentified Amish man told investigators that the horse should not have been pulling the load alone.  Charges have not yet been filed.   Ephrata police Lt. Christopher J. McKi told reporters “We continue to investigate.  Facts, and only facts, will determine if, and what, charges are filed.”

The horse was euthanized.


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