Appaloosa Rescued After SPCA and A/C Resused


Update 7:35 EST – Chance has been given about a 25% chance to survive according to his attending vet.  At this point all he wants to eat is treats, but it’s better than not having an appetite at all.  He is laying back on the ground, the plan is to get him back up in the sling tomorrow.

Update 5:58 EST – Chance is up in a sling, alert and reactive.  He definitely wants love – Read the update.

Chance   On March 13th, Kimberly Kinder and her husband of Hamersville, Ohio went to pick up 3 horses that someone was giving them.  They knew they were a little thin, but their emaciated, horrible condition outraged them.  SPCA and/or Animal Control had been called to the property multiple times, but refused to help the animals or issue a citation.  The neighbors applauded the Kinder’s as they pulled away with the horses.

They rescued 3 horses that day, a Mustang named Bug,Chance in fair condition, a 13-year-old Appaloosa mare, Destiny, weighing only 707 pounds and her two and a half-year old colt, Chance, who weighed a scant 525 lbs.  All three of the horses were safely transported to Kinder’s farm and she began the long, slow rehabilitation.  Kinder knew it would be a long process and reached out to her Facebook friends for help.  Chance was a body score of 1, with open sores, lice and mites covering his body.

On March 15th, Chance laid down on the ground and was unable to get back onto his feet.  Four other women helped Kinder help Chance recover his footing.  “Words cannot express the gratitude that these horses feel towards all of us banning together to save him,” Kinder wrote, “He is a fighter.”  Kinder knew that Chance had a rough rehab ahead of him, but had the courage to hope the worst was behind them.

Kimberly Kinder and Horse Two days later, tragedy struck Chance.  He collapsed in his stall, completely unable to get up, unable to eat, unable to drink.  To those looking on, it appeared that Chance was giving up his will to live.  Kinder sprang into action, she knew Chance had a will to live, and she wasn’t going to give up on him.  Ever.  A veterinarian came, but left after doing all he could.  An  around-the-clock vigil began, with Kinder spending the most time with Chance.  Chance began eating and drinking limited amounts, but was still unable to get up.   “I don’t even have the engery [sic] to cry I’m so exhausted and emotional just pray he can gets up,” Kinder confided to her Facebook friends.

ChanceChance is still laying in his stall, being flipped every 4 hours to relieve pressure, eating and drinking every 10 minutes, but unable to stand.  “So many ppl failed this animal. I am fighting as hard as he is.”  Kinder has the heart and the courage to hope for the best for Chance, when so many would have given up on him and either euthanized him or ‘let nature take its course,’ Kinder is giving her heart and soul to Chance.

To help with Chance, Destiny and Bug’s rehabilitation, Kimberly Kinder is asking that you contact the Bethal Feed Store, 513-734-2246.
Kimberly Kinder and Horse
Story and Photos courtesy of Kimberly Kinder.

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