Australia Plans to Shoot Wild Snowy Mountain Horses


In a plan deemed horrific by those concerned with horse welfare, Australia has released their plans to cull 90 percent of the wild horses, known as brumbies, in the Snowy Mountain region.  Part of their plan for reducing the herd includes shooting, trapping, and mustering.  The government’s plan includes avoiding ‘cruel’ methods including roping or shooting from helicopter.  There are 400,000 to 1 million brumbies spread across Australia, making it the worlds largest herd of wild horses.

The horses of the Snowy Mountains have gained international popularity and almost mythical status after the 1982 movie, The Man From Snowy River, featured brumby horses.  The brumby horse is well know for its steady mind and calm nerves.

A group, Save Our Brumbies, is working to encourage private ownership of brumbies.  Jan Carter, the organisation’s president, told ABC News reporters “They are our culture, they are an icon and they deserve to have protection and above all they deserve to have humane handling.  We have independent reports, scientific reports … that they do not cause the damage that they are accused of.”

Original Story and Pictures: Telegraph

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