Baby Horse Abused With Ginger and Cut Tail Tendons

Baby Horse

A grassroots Tennessee Walking Horse Abuse Facebook group has released a photo of a very young horse that they claim is being abused.  In the photo, the infant horse can be seen parked out with its tail held straight in the air.  According to the group, “Not only do they eventually cut the tail ligaments to put their tails up in a ‘harness’ they put ginger salve up the anus as well to burn and enhance the tail lift.”  Some commented that it appeared the baby horse was just caught in an odd position by the camera.

Tennessee Walker horses that are shown in non pleasure classes have tendons in their tail cut for the high tail look the judges award wins for.  The procedure involves cutting two tendons under the tail, then setting the tail in a harness while it heals.  The process involved with cutting and setting the tail is approved by the TWH association, along with many other breeds and disciplines.  The cutting of the tail tendons is often done without painkiller.  Ginger salve is applied to the anus prior to entering the show ring to enhance the tail lift.



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