Baby Horse Beat to Death by Kids

Baby Horse Corpse

Dublin, Ireland – A mangled body is all that’s left to show the horrors that a 1-year-old foal endured at the hands of a group of kids.  According to anonymous witness’, a group of kids took turns riding the youngster, seeing who could “ride him into the ground.”  When the youngster collapsed, they beat and kicked him to death.  The blows ended up breaking a leg and kicking the foals teeth in.

My Lovely Horse Rescue is pleading with the public for information that law enforcement can use to arrest and prosecute those responsible for this horrific, deliberate act of abuse.  “A poor baby went through that in day light and no one will say who did it. Someone knows the people, speak up or you’re as bad and evil as them,” the rescue posted on their Facebook page.

Baby Horse Removal

Author: Dale Williams <-- Become my friend on Facebook! - Phone: 724-964-6773


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