Bastrop Kill Pen Investigated

Bastrop Kill Pen
Bastrop Kill Pen

Bastrop, Louisiana – The Bastrop Kill Pen is no stranger to controversy and animal abuse allegations.  Boots Stanley, son of Bastrop Kill Pen owner, and friend Steven Sadler were arrested in August for filming themselves slitting the throat of a pit bull type dog and watching it die.  Two members of the family, Boots’ father and kill pen owner Greg Stanley and cousin Michael Stanley were arrested for assaulting a senior citizen, Allen Payne, who stopped on the public road in late September to look at the kill pen.

The allegations of rampant abuse and series of arrests prompted a local news station, KNOE of Monroe, to do a 2 part series investigating the kill pen.  The investigation reveals how the Stanley’s operate their kill pen, and interviews numerous people who have purchased horses from the pen.

Part 1 – The Kill Pen: Accusations of abuse and neglect.

Part 2 – The Kill Pen: Shipping horses to slaughter.


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