Big Hitch Drives Again

Big Hitch

Calgary, Alberta – Under Neil Dimmock’s masterful control, a big hitch team of 30 horses pulling 8 wagons are driving towards the Calgary Stampede Parade and Rodeo.  The team is a recreation of the 1925 parade when Slim Moorehouse made history driving a hitch of 36 horses and 10 wagons through the parade.

Dimmock wanted to recreate the original drive, but due to a lack of eligible horses and Calgary’s street laws, he is only driving 20 horses and 5 wagons.  Safety at the parade is the city’s foremost concern, but Dimmock dismisses such worries.  “In my opinion you’re more in danger from being struck by a band going by playing music than one of my horses,” he said.

Volunteers from Canada and the United States are helping with the project.  Billy Wilson, a volunteer from Texas, told reporters “To put this many animals in a hitch and be able to control them by one man is amazing to me.”

Big Hitch

1925 Big Hitch


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