Big Lick Horse Cruelty Protesters Harrassed and Threatened

Big Lick Horse

Protester HarrasssedPanama City, Florida – Individuals protesting the “Big Lick”  Gulf Coast Horse Show and Music Festival were accosted by a supporter of the event.  The protesters were handing out informational material about big lick training when a supporter of the event began yelling at them.  “You Can’t Pass Them Out!!! There’s no solicitation at this private ticketed event. I’ll Just Have You Arrested. I Am Going To Call The Police.”  The supporter shoved the camera, but after being threatened with arrest for assault, the supporter ran away.  The protesters were acting in a peaceful and lawful manner, despite the allegations to the contrary.

Over 80,000 people signed the petition to keep the Big Lick show from Panama City.  The Panama City Council voted to donate $25,000 to the Big Lick show, a move petitioners decried as being a tax-payer support of illegal animal cruelty.

For more information about the Panama City Big Lick protest campaign, please watch Gen’s Ice Glimmer’s video.


Author: Dale Williams <-- Become my friend on Facebook! - Phone: 724-964-6773


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