BLM Broke Law in Wild Horse Roundup

Wild Horses being rounded up by helicopter in Nevada.
Wild Horses being rounded up by helicopter in Nevada. (stock photo)

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) broke the Wild Horse Protection Act law when they rounded up horses in the Checkerboard area of Wyoming in 2014, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled.  The ruling comes just days before the BLM was scheduled to conduct more roundups on October 18.

The Checkerboard region consists of alternating square mile sections of private and public land.  In 2014, the BLM reached an agreement with the Rock Springs Grazing Association to remove wild horses from the area.  The BLM treated the unfenced alternating public and private land as all private to avoid following the lengthy process outlined in the Wild Horse Act to remove horses from public lands.  Wild horse advocates sued, but the district court sided with the BLM.  The 10th Circuit Court’s ruling overturns the lower court’s ruling, and going forward, the BLM must follow the Wild Horse Act’s direction for removing wild horses from the Checkerboard area.

BLM Wyoming High Desert District spokesman Tony Brown told reporters “The BLM is currently reviewing today’s ruling by the 10th Circuit Court.  Going forward, our goal remains to have healthy horses on healthy rangelands.”

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