BLM Conducting Emergency Roundup

Elko, Nevada – The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is conducting what they consider to be an emergency roundup of approximately 60 horses that have strayed from the federal Herd Management Area.  The horses are mostly on private property 10 miles from the HMA.  BLM told reporters the horses left the HMA due to declining water on the federal land.

The contractor, Sampson Livestock of Utah, is conducting the roundup using bait and trap.  Bait and trap consists of hay and water put inside temporary pens.  When the horses enter the pens, the gate is closed behind them and they are captured.  So far 30 of the horses have been captured using this method.  Once captured, the horses are sent to the Palomino Holding Facility where they are processed and either sent to adoption events or long term pasture.


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