BLM to Remove Horses for Cattle


Editorial  – The BLM is no stranger to controversy, but they have finally admitted their real purpose in removing Mustangs from the range.   BLM Director for Nevada, John Ruhs, told reporters that 4,0000 wild horses have to be removed from the range to make room for cattle to graze.  The BLM blames wild horses for range degradation and endangering the greater sage grouse, but seems to be unconcerned with the damage cattle cause the range.  Mustangs have been living on the range since the 1600’s, while cattle are a far more recent addition.

Wild horse activists claim the wild horses are not a cause for concern, but cattle grazing is.  “We don’t have an excess horse problem, we have a management problem,” Suzanne Roy, director of the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign said.  “The BLM is scapegoating wild horses instead of addressing the true causes of range degradation and threats to sage grouse.”

No doubt the battle for the Mustangs right to live freely on the range will wage for many years.

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