Bow Hunting Wild Horses

Big John and Dead Brumby

Cooma, Australia – A photo of a person known only as “Big John” posing with a dead Brumby stallion has gone viral.  In the photo, John is seen posing with his bow and arrows, holding the deceased horse’s head up.  He claims to have killed the wild stallion with a single shot at 135′.  A bloody wound is visible behind the front leg.

Hunting wild horses is not illegal in Australia.  Proponents of hunting, or culling as they refer to it, point to the fact the Brumby is a non-native species that is invasive and destructive to the environment.  Earlier this year, the Australian government released details of their plan to kill 90% of the Brumby population in the Snowy Mountain region.  The wild horses in this region were made famous by the movie The Man From Snow River.

Opponents of the culling point ask a simple question: “What damage has been done by the Brumbies in the last 150 years they have lived in the wild?”  With the Brumby’s international recognition, steady mind and willing disposition, capturing and retraining is the method of population control many opponents of hunting would prefer.

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