Broken, Abandoned Infant Colt Rescued

Colt in Ravine

Fremont FD and ColtA 6 day old infant colt was rescued from a steep ravine by members of the Fremont Fire Department and Fremont Animal Services.  The colt was in the ravine for 2 days, freezing, cold, alone, with no mother in sight.  He was found in a pool of water, soaking wet and in shock.

When the colt was rescued no one thought he was going to make it.  “He has a will to live,” Sarah Cattaneo of Fremont Animal Services said. “The vet was shocked that he made it through it.”

The colt has a fractured pelvis that is dangerously close to a major artery.  Every time he moves or tries to get up, the broken bones are close to rupturing the artery, at which point he would bleed to death within minutes.  The plan is for him to be cared for at UC Davis where he will receive the best possible care.

Original Story and Photos: ABC7 News

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