Carriage Horse Collapses

Collapsed Carriage Horse

While New York is battling to pass a compromise on the horse carriage industry, a photographer in Cozumel posted on Facebook the final end of a carriage horse’s career.  The horse crashed into several parked motorcycles before collapsing on the ground from exhaustion.  The photographer made an impassioned plea on his Facebook, roughly translated to say: “It’s a shame that today and after all the incidents and accidents that have happened, and through the years, no level of government has had the will and the ability to make carriage horses illegal. No political commitment, cronyism, or any corruption is valid when this is the image of Cozumel.  The fate of the tourism industry, specifically the of cruises which Cozumel is #1 in the global level, is in danger when the animals are being exploited and hurt daily.  We know already that this evil tourist attraction is not attractive in any place in the world.”

No specific word on the fate of the horse, but the photographer stated that the horse ended its career.

Original Story: Facebook

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