Carriage Horse Smashes Head Through Tram Window

Damaged Tram

Melbourne, Australia – A carriage horse stepped onto the northbound tram lane on Swantson street and smashed its head through the driver’s side window of a tram.  The horse was dragged for a short distance until the tram could come to a stop, causing a cut on the horse’s face, and injuries to its head and hoof.

The driver of the horse, currently unidentified, quickly took the horse away.  Police are reviewing security camera footage to determine who was at fault in the accident.

“Our understanding is that the horse-drawn vehicle was illegally transiting through a tram reserve, south of Collins Street,” Melbourne City Counsel released in a statement.  The carriage was an unlicensed carriage and its driver could face fines or other penalties.  The accident caused 20 minute delays on the busiest tram route in the city.


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