Case Dismissed Against Man Who Thirsted 10 Horses to Death

Dead Horses

A case in Utah has been dismissed against Shamus Josef Haws.  Haws had been found guilty for animal cruelty after 10 of his horses had been found dead in a pen.  There was no water present, despite the summer temperatures soaring into the 90’s, and a necropsy performed on 3 of the horses found they had died from dehydration.  After his conviction Haws appealed his conviction and asked for a new trial in district court.  Haws defense was someone else was supposed to be checking on the horses.

The District Attorney and Haws came to an agreement and Judge Elizabeth Hruby-Mills agreed to the settlement.  Haws  performed 50 hours of community service, installed new water lines to his horse pen and donated $10,000 to the Utah Horse Counsel.  Haws is now a free man with no record of his criminal act of withholding water from horses until 10 of them had died.

Original Story: Salt Lake Tribune

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