Charges Filed in Paintball Horse

Horse Shot by Paintball

Lily, the mostly blind senior horse who was shot 130+ times by a paintball gun at close range, is finally getting some justice. Lily was dropped off at the New Holland Horse Auction without being consigned for sale and was put in a back pen. Either before or after she was dropped off, someone shot her 130+ times at very close range with a paintball gun. Her entire body was covered with the paint, and she was in extreme pain to the touch. One of her eyes was blinded by a paintball blast to her face.

Phillip S. Price, aged 65, has been arrested by the Lancaster County Police for animal abuse. Assistant District Attorney Christine L. Wilson agreed to the arrest and has filed formal charges. Price is charged with 3 counts of animal cruelty, one count of dealing in livestock without a license, and one count of transporting livestock interstate without a health certificate. Price brought Lily to the New Holland auction in Pennsylvania from New Jersey.

The investigation continues as to who shot Lily with a paintball gun.

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