China Celebrates New Year With Horse Fights

Horse Fighting

Horse Fighting  In the Southern region of China, the recent celebration of the new year included organized horse fights.   The ‘tradition’ dates back about 500 years, and according to China’s official news agency, the South China Morning Post, the fights “won’t hurt animals.”  Official news video shows a different story, with bloody mouths, kicks and falls.  One trainer interviewed stated “We have medicine for the injuries, but even if we didn’t, it would slowly get better on its own, but we give it antibiotics and it gets better quickly.”

The horse fighting match being with an in-heatHorse Fighting mare being led into the arena or open area, and either tied to a pole or held by someone whose job it is to keep her away from the stallions.  The mare’s are often induced into being in heat by hormone injections.  Two stallions are then released and the crowd cheers and boos as they fight.  The loser is determined by the horse that first falls Horse Fightingor runs away, and the horse that defends its position closest to the mare is declared the winner.  The stallions kick and fight, each attempting to dominate the other.  Their teeth often rip hair and flesh from the opponents, and the sounds of hooves contacting flesh reverberates through the air.
Pan Jianming, a 31-year-old air conditioner repairman, owned Little, a stallion that won one of the fights.  “He stood up and hit the other horse straight away.  If he likes the female horse, it doesn’t matter how much pain he’s in, he won’t run away.”

Thousands, if not tens of thousands, of spectators crowd around horse fights, typically with no protection from the fighting stallions.  Most of those spectators gamble on who will be the winner, and who will be the loser.  People of all ages watch the bloody, violent scene, and the long-term effects on children is worrisome.

Pan Yinghong, who had a horse at the competition, told reporters “Horse fighting is just for fun.  If I win, people will think of me as a horse king, and it’s also good for attracting women.”


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